Our Mission

At NewSource, hemp is our lifestyle and we hope to bring our passion to you through our actions, products and words. Everyday, we strive to create new and exciting hemp genetics and craft, quality products. We promise to organically grow all of our plants, as well as our business, with earth friendly practices. We invite you to join our family at NewSource and evolve with us!

About Us

NewSource was established in the Spring of 2016 in Durango, Colorado. We have come a long way, and learned even more since our humble beginnings. NewSource is proud to offer a variety of high quality products, made with organic ingredients and CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp oil. Honesty is the core of our fundamental values, and we independently test all of our products to ensure quality and set the standard for the industry.

Alexander "The Great" Hernandez

UFC Lightweight Contender


“My days are very mentally and physically taxing. NewSource CBD keeps my mind and body centered and relaxed. I am loose, agile, and able to perform at the highest level.”

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